And they’re off!

Wow! Eight+ weeks flew by this adorable crew! Raven and Rumor sure make some cute babies together.

Of course as with almost all puppy delivery days, it starts the night before with baths. The puppies and I were up late since I don’t start my “day” until after sundown on Saturday. But they don’t seem to mind the late night attention and bath. Then they were tucked into bed for some sleep, especially after the busy day they had outside!

I woke them up extra early yesterday morning as I wanted to make sure the food was settled in their tummies, they had time to potty and all before we hit the road. Because the road out of my place is windy along the river.

It was a pretty morning though.

And since it’s about a two hour and twenty minute drive to the airport, we hit the road fairly early. I wanted to get there with enough time to let the puppies have a potty break, stretch their legs and get some water before I met with their excited families. Then the puppies went back into their crates from some “brunch” while I went over all the paperwork and instructions with their new owners.

Then the fun part happens, handing each puppy over to their excited new families!

Reed (name to follow)

Fauna now Coco

Willow now Sky Mira

Timber now Patches

Fern now Lei Lani

Branch now Finn & River now Teddy

Happy life puppies!❤️


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