Potato chips

Shiloh has a new toy. And she thoroughly enjoyed her first introduction to it!

I found this toy on Amazon

Yes, it’s a potato chip bag filled with chips! Of course as you can see the bag is a soft velvety material with a crinkly window. Inside are soft potato chip toys in different shapes. Some have squeakers inside and one even has a pocket with a tail of material for the dog to pull out.

These type of toys are great for enrichment. They give your puppy something to do. You can hide their kibble or a treat inside the chip or just loose in the bag for the puppy to hunt for. When they find the treat they are rewarded. These type of toys (puzzles and games too) are great for keeping busy puppy’s minds engaged in something fun and productive.

Of course these type of toys should be used under supervision. I wouldn’t leave a puppy alone with this toy. Even though it’s made of material and not likely to get stuck on her head (she could chew through it if she had to) I would only let her play with it while I’m with her.

This image is also a great reminder to always be careful with other bags in your home. Puppies are nosy and tend to get into things like the garbage when their owners aren’t looking or aren’t home. And unfortunately dogs have suffocated with theirs heads inside plastic bags.

Here is a great reminder on what we should all do and be extra careful about when we have pets in the home.

Before you throw away that chip bag, and pull the plastic bag from the cereal or cracker box just cut off the sealed end. That way if your dog does find a bag and sticks it’s head inside looking for a crumb he can still get air.

Thanks for the reminder and safety tip, Shiloh. Now go enjoy that new toy with supervision.

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