Finally, a dishwasher!

Fun fact and a shock to some people, my whole married life we have never had a dishwasher!

Our first house was an older 1950’s home that didn’t have a dishwasher or a spot for one. Then we moved to Washington and lived in my in-law’s shop/apartment while hubby built our house. That was five of us (with critters) living in about 700 sq ft. There was definitely no room for a dishwasher there.

And then we moved into our house. We picked this house plan because it was affordable and big enough for the five of us but it’s not huge. We even made the kitchen bigger than the original plans, but still no room for a dishwasher. I mean, I guess I could’ve given up a section of drawers or cabinets next to the sink, but I’d rather have the storage. I’m one of those weird people that doesn’t mind doing dishes. I’d far rather do them then vacuum or dust! But we have it worked out, because I cook, do dishes, laundry, mopping and hubby jumps in to do vacuuming and dusting. He’s a good helper. It works for us since we both work from home.

But yesterday, I got a dishwasher, finally!

Bhahahahaha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 😛

And the dishwasher also serves as a paper shredder. What a great deal we got!



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3 Responses to Finally, a dishwasher!

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    You totally got me!!!

  2. Diane Vigneau says:

    Ha ha…. The favorite time of day for my 4 muttonheads is KP (kitchen patrol). They are a great prewash cycle.

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