Puppy Matching

All of Cami’s sweet F1b Cavapoo puppies have been matched with excited families from our waiting list. Congrats to each one! We’re thrilled for the puppies and their families.

If you were one of those hopeful people following our blog, but not on our waiting list, please continue to follow the blog as we will have more litters this year (I’ll share some news soon!) And, like before if we have puppies from any of those litters that are not matched with families on our waiting list we will offer them to the general public. This seems to be the best plan at this point rather than opening the waiting list and adding many more names since there are still so many on it. (Although unfortunately there is not a lot of activity from the current list).

In the meantime, the puppies and I have been busy!

Exploring the garden some more..

Go potty. Good puppy!

Meeting the big dogs…

They we’re grabbing her hair!😂

“What is all this fluff?”

Getting settled in their bigger home upstairs in the puppy room..

Have a great week everyone!

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