Fun and games!

I love puppy games, puzzles and simple challenges for puppies! It gets their young minds thinking and learning to problem solve. Plus there’s the added benefit of keeping their busy bodies occupied!

The other day we played the barrier challenge game. It’s a simple exercise where a barrier is put in between the puppy and a yummy treat. In this case, it was canned puppy food. An of course this works best before mealtime when puppy is getting hungry.

I put puppy on one side and the treat on the other just a few inches from the end of the barrier. I held the dish up so the puppy could get a good whiff of the treat, set the bowl back down and watched them figure it out. As the pups get older we will move the tree further away from the end to make it more challenging but we never want to make it so a puppy can’t get to the reward and frustrate them.


Today we tried another game. This is a simple one and great for young puppies as it’s easy to figure out and quickly be rewarded for their effort.

Each door flips easily to reveal the treat underneath. In this case it was soft cheese.

They loved it! ❤️

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