Summer is busy!

Summer is extra busy with daily puppy duties, and the garden to tend too, there’s also the adult dogs. As I mentioned, I’ve been working through grooming and bathing them. And also it’s the time of year for check-ups.

Somehow yearly check-ups evolved into summertime when one year I thought it might be easier to pay for a farm call and have my vet here to do everyone! It actually worked pretty well. This year, I’m just making appointments and taking a few in at a time. Summer is still best though, because I don’t like driving anymore than I have too in the winter!

This past week it was time for some of the big kids! I took Ben, Cajsa, Cody and Quinn in for their check-ups. They all were in wonderful condition, except those busy Aussies need a bit more weight. They just move it all off! Ben weighed in at 107 lbs and Cajsa is a sturdy 80 lbs! Great sizes for predator control. We can only hope that Zuma will fill out as sturdy. Right now she is in her teenage, gangly stage.

I loaded up the dogs, Ben and Cajsa in the back seat and Cody and Quinn under the canopy. I had windows on the canopy open and they had water, plus I stopped on the way to check on them a couple times. But I still felt bad that they were riding in the back of the truck (in a crate that was strapped in and under the truck canopy so they were safe). And the rest of us were up front with the air conditioning blowing on us.

“I love you mom! Do you need a kiss?”

So on the way home, I crammed everyone up front. I knew Cody was okay loose so he went in the back seat with the big ones. It was a bit crowded but nobody complained.Just a little crowded 😉

Love that face!

And since Quinn has always ridden in a crate but I didn’t have one small enough to fit in the front seat, I “harnessed” her into the seat. The last thing I need was a wiggly Aussie in my lap as I was driving down the road!

And we all made it home safe and cool!

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