A bun in the oven

Yep, Sage has more than a bun in the oven. Looks more like she’s got several loaves of bread! hehe

She is so big! And it became even more noticeable when I bathed and groomed her the other day. Her hair was so pretty and at such a nice length but I had to make her more comfortable for the summer heat and babies. The groom job isn’t pretty, but it is functional. Shorter hair for her makes so much more sense right now.

Look at that belly!

Now it’s just a waiting game to see when those babies come and what she will have!


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2 Responses to A bun in the oven

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    So, so eager to offer congratulations for safe deliveries of many cutie-pies. Give Sage an extra treat from Toby & hoping she delivers during the day so that her doula -YOU!-will get the rest you need.

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