They’re here!

Well Amber and Niko’s litter has arrived!

Most of our kiddos are home visiting, plus the two “grand-dogs” so it’s a bit busier than usually here. That can be challenging when you have an expectant mother, especially when  she is a quiet soul and likes her privacy. I guessed that she would wait until nighttime when it was quiet.

And she didn’t let me down.

Her temperature had gone down quite a bit on Sunday morning and she was shivering. But as I checked her throughout the day and let her out for potty breaks she wasn’t doing anything else.

But then all the dogs were put up for the night and the humans all headed to their respective rooms. I laid down on the couch and hoped to get some sleep.

I got up to check on her a little before 11:00 and that quiet little mama already had one puppy out and she was cleaning it up. Like Sage, she is a  private mom who just quietly and calmly delivers her puppies.

So between then and around 2:00 am I napped on and off while she rested and delivered the rest of her babies.

By looking at the size of her abdomen in the past week or so, my guess was five puppies. She had four, but they were all 9-10 ounces. So I don’t feel too bad about my guess.

There are three girls! It looks like we have a light apricot, a dark apricot and a red. And one red boy. Some have small white blazes or a star on their forehead and white patches on the chest. They’re all beautiful.

And for those of you that are on our Cavapoo waiting list, please email me at (please don’t reach out via the blog post) if you would like to be added to Amber’s litter list for possible matching with a puppy. Puppy Matching Day will be Sunday September 18th and Puppy Delivery Day will be Sunday, October 9th. Please don’t ask to be added if you are not available by phone on matching day or cannot meet in Spokane to pick up your puppy personally on pick-up day. And make sure you have time in your schedule for what a new puppy needs. Having a vacation or trip planned around the time a new puppy is coming home and then wanting someone else to watch (and train) your new puppy is not something that needs to happen.

And for those of you interested people following our blog, but not officially on our Cavapoo waiting list, please continue to follow along. We will post updates and progress on this litter as they grow and develop. And if we do not have enough people from our waiting list reach out with interest, then on Puppy Matching Day (Sunday, September 18th) we will share on the blog if we have any “leftover” pups that are still needing homes.



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