Two weeks old

Sage’s big batch were two weeks old on Friday. But since I had dog grooming appointments and errands in town, and yesterday was my day “off” I’m just now getting their post and pictures up to share.

They are all doing amazing, growing and gaining weight. And our little puppy with the “cyst” on her head is no different than the rest at this stage. We’ve had a two or three puppies end up somehow crawling over the divider and get their own individual dinner from mom while she was trying to take a mom break. I always end up helping them back to  their proper side of the pen though. They not quite as motivated to go back where they came from.

Yesterday I decided I should just go ahead and remove the divider though so it doesn’t keep on happening.

I still have the whole bottom of the pen covered though because the pups are still in the crawling and pulling themselves around stage so having carpet or a bed is better for traction. Once they are older we’ll split the pen into half bed and half litter box, but they’re way too young for that at this age.

I tried to get a picture of the whole group lined up again, but they don’t hold still. They want to snuggle on top of each other. So as soon as I get them all straightened out for a picture, they start moving and crawling on each other. This was the best I could do.

The boy group

The girl group

And just some more puppy cuteness. It’s so sweet to see their little eyes beginning to open.


Just a reminder, if you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in being possibly matched with a puppy from this litter please email me at This invitation is only for families that have gone through the application process and are already on our Cavapoo waiting list.

So far we only have six families that have reached out with interest in these puppies!

If you are not on our Cavapoo waiting list, please sign up for email notifications from our blog/website. If we have puppies from this litter that are not matched with families on our waiting list, we will post about it on Puppy Matching day, September 11th and open the applications back up for some new families to be matched with the “leftover” puppies. We are not taking any new applications until then. 


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