Ambercrombie (not the store)

Not that I support that store, but every dog has to have a nickname and that fits Amber! And Miss Ambercrombie’s puppies turned four weeks old yesterday! Since we were busy matching Sage’s puppies, I thought I’d wait until today for the update on Charlie’s Angels.

And four weeks of age is such a darling age for Cavapoos! They are still calm enough to sit still for picture’s and they are getting so, so cute! I mean look at these faces! <3 They are doing well with their “new” litter box. Yesterday I switched them from the UGOdog tray to the box with pellets. They’re not really adventurous yet and stick pretty close together when mom is away.

“Jill” (yellow collar)

2# 11 oz @ 4 weeks

“Kelly” (pink collar)

2# 8 oz @ 4 weeks

“Sabrina” (purple collar)

2# 10 oz @ 4 weeks

“Charlie” (our only boy! gray collar)

3# @ 4 weeks

They are starting to play and explore a bit more and nosing around in mom’s food dish.




**And an update on our two “leftover ” puppies from Sage’s litter, they have both been matched with very excited, new families! <3 **

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4 Responses to Ambercrombie (not the store)

  1. Vicki says:

    So happy Sourdough found his forever home. My granddaughter was worried.

  2. Jenn says:

    Omg They are just darling! Are their eyes blue?!?

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