Glory update

As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s so hard to say goodbye to my retiring adults, but when I get updates like this, it’s make my heart happy (and my eyes water) to know how great they are adapting.

After first getting a note that they arrived home safely, a couple days later, I got this note….

“Glory figured out how to pee in the yard – yay! And this morning after breakfast she pooped in the yard – also yay!  We put the crate in our bedroom since she finds it to be a safe place but once we turned the lights off to go to bed, she was pretty  confused and kept walking around the room.  Rosie was already up on the bed to go to sleep and we lifted Glory up (she wasn’t ready to try to jump up on the bed) and within a few minutes she laid down and went to sleep next to Rosie – in the spot that Jules used to take – and slept all night with us.  Surprise – that’ll be the norm now.

They’re both sleeping on a little rug next to my desk, happily snoring away.  She’s acclimating really well and quite quickly.  She’s smart – sees how things are done and follows up like a trooper.”

Here are a couple of pics.

Then another update came in last night…

“Just a quick note to let you know that Glory has completely settled in.  She handles the stairs to our bedroom and my office really well and within a day she figured out how to jump up on the bed and get down again so now she sleeps on the bed along with Rosie. They eat twice a day and she never turns down a meal.  We give her tiny treats and she knows the drill:  when either “G” or I go out the front door, she jumps on the sofa with Rosie and stands up to get a good-bye treat and when we come back, she’s back up on the sofa to get a welcome home treat.  The two of them are thick as thieves – you can’t love on one without the other moving in quickly for equal time.  She sometimes gets confused, mostly because there is still so much to investigate in our house, but we have rapidly fallen deeply in love with her and are so happy she’s here!

Thanks again and I’ll send photos over time.  Tomorrow “M”, our youngest, is coming for dinner so he’ll meet her and make friends.  In two weeks we have “G’s” 75th bday party and “G” is coming in from LA and my brother & sister-in-law are coming from Chicago so she’ll have new people to meet.  Life is good so far.

Much love, “E”




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  1. Vicki says:

    What an awesome update on Glory after her big move. She looks very content.

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