A long day

Yesterday was a long day as Sage’s ten puppies went to the vet for their health exams. (In fact, it was such a long day that I forgot to finish this blog post and share it yesterday :P) Their morning was normal with breakfast, naps, playtime, then lunch. Then they went outside one last time to potty before being loaded into the truck for the journey to the vet’s office.

There was a bit of fussing after they were loaded and we headed down the road, which is pretty normal. Then they quiet down and naps for most of the journey. About twenty minutes down the road, hubby called and since I was chatting with him over the speaker on the truck, the pups heard the humans talking and someone started to complain again. I don’t know who it was, but I have my suspicions, although names are hidden to protect the guilty…hehe 😉 Finally that pup settled down again and the ride continued until we arrived and got checked in at the vet.

They were running a bit late so we waited our turn, then the doctor carefully examined each puppy.






Waiting their turn







Two plus hours later, the pups were done, given a break in the back of the truck to stretch their legs and potty, put back in their crates in the truck with food and water and we headed for home!

And now we are getting things ready for this big crew to head home on Sunday!

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  1. Vicki says:

    Thanks Jennifer for all you do for the puppies. Cannot wait to meet my little “Muffin” on Sunday

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