How about some pupdates!

I’ve gotten a few pupdates from our last couple of litters that went home recently and thought I’d share with you all over the next week or so.

These are all from Bagel, now Shadow’s mom.

This was the day after he went home….

“Dear Jennifer & ALL who have an important role in the wonderful Pinewood Cavapoo Kennels,

Below is what I sent out to friends and family who have been so eager to hear about our puppy.

Today puppy & Toby have played outside & inside, we’ve raked some leaves, picked dahlias, met the outside black cats, Lewis & Clark, eaten breakfast & lunch together, met Swift, our granddaughter’s chihuahua mix, had at least 4 naps-in the crate, G’s lap once watching a recorded football game & now they are both zonked in my study—Toby is on his special sofa spot and puppy in a bed at my feet. What perfect dogs they are! And all because of their upbringing so far!

Jennifer, we are absolutely delighted to have Toby’s little brother. We couldn’t possibly say thank you in a big enough way. I tell everybody that you’re the BEST! In fact just seeing 3 couples at the airport could result in your getting 3 more families on your waiting list—when it opens again.

I hope you have a good week and feel especially gratified that ALL of Sage’s puppies have landed in happy homes.

I’ll be sure to send you updates and photos and especially when his name is set.

Love to you all and many blessings for the good work you do,



Dear friends who share our love for dogs,

Here we are!

“Puppy lady” should have included ear plugs in her bag of treats for us! Oh my he cried on & off for most of the night undoing the stress of 2 long car rides & 2 plane rides—one delayed—and in the carrier under the seat. Being so good & quiet all day had to result in an outburst at night!

Now he and Toby are sound asleep in my study. Puppy almost has a name but we’re still “trying it on for size.”

We are so grateful to Jennifer the fantastic “puppy lady” @ Pinewood Cavapoos. Five of the ten families, like us, were getting a 2nd puppy from her. The crate & litter box training, Montessori-like playrooms, and socialization to various farm animals make these puppies very content and confident.

Much love to all and we so appreciate your shared excitement,



And the next day came this little note and picture…

“Quiet days, noisy nights!
Tonight we’ll try having him sleep with Toby, our built-in puppy sitter.
When I got up with him at 5:30 we listened to Baxter&Bella podcasts together. So grateful you told us about them- I have a lot of review to do!!
Love, K”

Then five days after puppy pick-up was this update….

“Dear Jennifer
Happy to say that Shadow ( we’re pretty sure that’s his name) has slept peacefully with Toby in our bedroom in the “castle”=Iris pen enclosing litter box, newspapers, crate with door open & Toby’s bed. Last night not a peep from 11-7!!
Here they are now in my study as I write you. We’re delighted to have him- both boys! From your amazing kennel.
If other repeat owners ask, tell them that this arrangement seems to be working for us.
Have a good rest day before yet another delivery day!


A little over a week after puppy pick-up…..(and yes “K” and I correspond quite a bit 🙂 )

“Hi Jennifer

Toby is playing with toys that he’s ignored for months! He chose a stretchy toy to teach Shadow about tug’-o-war yesterday.

We are absolutely delighted to have both boys. G says he is a “perfect” puppy. Yesterday Shadow pooped 3 X’s in the grass!!

I wonder how the other 4 Pinewood families are doing with their additions.

Love and all the best to you and your farm & family,




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  1. says:

    Soooo sweet! Love this update! 🥰

  2. How nice for us that we can share our Pinewood puppy experiences far & wide thanks to your blog. I look forward to learning how the others in Sage’s big litter are faring. We love, love, love our dogs!!

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