A barrel of monkeys!

Or a tunnel of puppies, either works! 😉

These pups are having so much fun with the tunnel! And whatever else I introduce into their play area.

But we’re also “working” on school lessons too.

I love this app! It has all kinds of noises and sounds so the puppies can hear things that they might not normally hear while they’re way out here in the country. We listen to it  while they have breakfast or I’m cleaning up puppy messes.

sometimes they protest before heading for the food

but they eventually settle down

And we’re still working on getting them used to their crates. They have one crate they sleep in together at night, but we leave the door open so they can still access the litter box. But during the day, we used meals as short times to have them in the crate (with something yummy) with the door closed.

Giving the pups individual attention and time away from littermates will help with the transition and separation when they go home.

And getting them used to having their faces, feet, mouth, ears, etc handled is an important part of healthcare and grooming practices. Something their new families will need to continue.

(Although I would normally do this with two hands as I inspect ears, teeth, etc but I needed one hand for the camera so the pics might look a bit awkward).

Good puppies!


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