Thursday we had our first frost.

Friday we had our first snow.

Today it was cold, but sunny and most of our snow was melted. Welcome to Washington! If you want the weather to change just wait an hour or so..hehe

Presley got to go to church again. He loves everyone!

And since today was sunny, after church I made sure to take the pups outside for some fresh air and exercise.

Good girl!

I can to contain Presley because he was too rough with the littles. Although Oliver was giving him a run for his money!

We stay outside about a half an hour. But once the sun heads behind our hill the temp drops. Plus there was a bit of a breeze and I was getting cold. I think the pups were disappointed that I put them back in the carrier. They were still raring to go!

Presley picking his own toys

And a few more around the farm





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