There’s so much!

You guys we have so much snow! And it’s not “officially” even winter yet. 😉 I really can’t remember the last time we’ve had this much in a month’s time.

It just keeps coming and coming. Hubby and I shovel paths around the yard to do chores. He’s been plowing and spending so much time scraping snow off the house, the woodshed, the barn, the dog house and the canopy over the horse trailer, only for it to snow again and he starts all over.

Currently we are stuck at home (which doesn’t bother me a bit) because he hasn’t plowed the road since the last dump of snow (which was all night Friday and all day yesterday). We could probably manage to drive down our hill to the main road, but we wouldn’t be able to get back up. But the sun is out today, the sky is blue and the snow is sparkling in the light of the sun. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

The snow does make doing chores a bit more challenging. I’ve scooped snow trails in the dog yard several times. They really don’t seem to mind the snow on their potty breaks. They run out the door on the trail but then some of them quickly hop off and bounce through the deep snow as they explore their yard.

Zuma has been sequestered to the back yard for three weeks because she was in season. Yesterday she got out because the snow that has been sliding off the house piled up so high that the fence was only a foot or so high in one spot and she just helped herself over! Thankfully she’s at the end of her three week lockdown so everything worked out fine with her escape.

The pictures can’t really capture the depth of snow that is piled up around, but here’s a little glimpse of our winter wonderland.

Our poor apple trees never had time to shed their leaves before the temps dropped and the snow started.

We’re far from the ocean but one morning we had waves!

Asher’s fort

Coming with your breakfast boys!

Hope trudging out to the potty spot.

My paths are covered again!

Getting there

The sun is peaking out.

The pile off the woodshed.

Don’t get any ideas Presley. This is where Zuma helped herself out of the yard. The snow piles up here when it slides off the roof. That’s a five foot fence.

Presley the snow dog.

Man of the hour back at it again. ❤️

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  1. Dee says:

    I know it’s no fun shoveling and having to work outdoors in the freezing temperatures, but it sure is beautiful. I grew up in the northeast and have missed the change of seasons since moving south. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

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