The queen and her court

Last week we had another vet appointment for yearly exams for some of the adults; Reba the queen and some of her court 😉

They got brushed, bathed and blow dried so they were pretty for their visit. I wish they would stay pretty and fluffy all the time! Yes, they need to be groomed, but I’ll probably just try to keep them brushed out until spring so they can stay warmer.

The spoiled rotten queer who started the drive in a crate in the back seat but pitched such a fit that I let her up front with me. Do not follow my example🤦‍♀️ Teach for dog that being crated or harnessed in is fine. I told her if we got in a wreck she would die but she didn’t seem to hear me. 😜Sweet Sundae💙

Clancy Pants where are your eyes?

Good boy Dickens. Laying still for a blood draw since he’s getting older we just wanted a routine check. 👍

Thankfully, the main roads were good, it was just our county road that was a bit rough. Thankfully, it at least got plowed! **Note to self** Get all annual check-ups done before winter!

I had more appointments scheduled for this week too. I had two going in for dental cleanings yesterday morning. Then a couple more for check-ups in the afternoon. That way I’m not just driving back to pick up the morning ones, I’m also squeezing in a couple more health exams. I always try to schedule that way so I can get as many dogs in for each trip as possibly since it’s such a long drive.

I also had a family coming to meet Gracie; her potential retirement home!

But, we are currently “stuck” at home. Our hill is a bit tricky in the winter time.

My husband’s uncle plowed the main/bottom part from his house to the main road. But there’s a Y in that road that goes up a hill to our house and my hubby’s sister’s that’s past us. That’s the hill that’s the problem. We’ve had so many people get also to the top and then not make it.

I can’t tell you how many times my hubby in his little pick-up (it was not 4×4 or all-wheel drive) would zoom up the hill only to slide back down and take another run at it.(He wanted to get home without having to put the chains on after a long day at work). He got really good about whipping it around mid-slid so the front was then heading the right direction to drive back down.

Hubby got the tractor out, but it’s old and currently the four-wheel drive isn’t working. He barely made it up our hill. He was able to plow around the front of the house and get that cleared but not able to really plow the road down the hill. The snow is heavy, icy and frozen and the tractor is just to light for pushing that type of load.

So he called his buddy who has a truck with a plow. He had already down some plowing for a neighbor and his chains were starting to break. So he wasn’t able to do our hill either.

Later our son came home from a weekend away and then got stuck on the hill. Thankfully he was able to let air out of his tires, and his truck has “crawl control” with locking differentials so with that engaged he then made it up.

Next we called the uncle who has a heavy-weight tractor to see if he could do the hill. He’s having tractor issues also, but once he gets the snow pulled off the roof of his house, he’ll try to chain up the tractor tires and see what he can do today.

Ahhh…the joys and challenges of winter. At least the Queen and her court are good to go.



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