“Hi Jennifer
Last puppy shots yesterday- first grooming visit today. Julia said he was very calm throughout. So glad he still has his fluffiness & glad we can see his eyes better!
He & Toby are adoring brothers.
Oh, Shadow weighed 14.7 yesterday!!
Sometimes when Shadow is running around with something he’s stolen-like a magazine off a shelf- Toby looks at me as if to say, “ Mom, he shouldn’t do that! I never did!”
Happy snowy Christmastime to you & your family”

Shadow was Bagel from Sage’s bread litter. With big brother Toby, also a Pinewood pup.
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  1. Katharine Harding says:

    We’re so glad we have Iris pen panels to safeguard the Christmas tree & its decorations- Shadow would be tempted to run off with many prizes if he could!
    Merry Christmas to the wonderful Pinewood family!

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