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We’re still waiting on Joy to show us her puppies. *wink* She seems very content and comfortable lounging around with her big, round belly. I don’t think she’s in any hurry to deliver. And since she was actually bred four times over a period of several days (the little her “due” dates are spread out over a bit of time too. It will be interesting to see if she’ll have the last litter for 2022 or the first of the new year!

So while we’re waiting on her, I thought I’d let you know about our first Cavapoo (F1) litter that will be due for 2023!

This girl has only had one litter for us and has been waiting her sweet time to produce another. (She didn’t get pregnant the last time I tried breeding her). I’m anxious to see her next litter.

It’s none other than, sweet Sasha! I call her Salsa sometimes because she likes to dance and wiggle around. (think the dance, not the food). 😉

Her litter was the “chip” litter with handsome Asher. I decided to try breeding her to our patriarch Cavalier, Dickens this time. So I’m super excited to see what they produce!

I thought we’d have a bit more space in between these two litters, but with Joy dragging her feet, they may be closer together than I’d hoped.

Sasha is due around the second week of January.

I’m loving my break from puppies but also super excited to have more around to love and cuddle. <3

P.S. For those wondering the waiting list is still closed. But I’m hoping to reach out to those on my list (or if you’re on my waiting list and reading this please reach out to me to tell me your plans) and try to clean the list up a bit. Sometime people get on with all good intentions but life throws curve balls and they no longer are in the place to get a puppy. Sometimes people get on several breeder lists and when they find a puppy, they forget to notify the other breeders to remove them from their list. Lots of things can change. So once I hear from everyone already on the list, there’s a chance the list will be shortened enough that I’ll start taking applications again.

If you’re not on the waiting list please sign up for email notifications from this blog so you don’t miss any news or announcements!

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