Poodles pupdate

After my last post about Reba and her trip to the vet, I received this update about two of her pups!

“As the saying goes…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Our “Princess” sounds just like the Queen Mother.  Annie does alot of “talking” like Reba. She constantly shares her thoughts on things. We’ve gotten good at speaking dog. She has to ride on the center console of our car too. If brother Bodie tries to sit in her spot she let’s him know in uncertain terns that is not happening.  Brother and sister couldn’t be more different.  Annie is the boss 99% of the time. Bodie, Rumor’s twin, is the sweet quiet one. But…they a best buds most of the time. The time has flown by…they will be 4 years old in January. We love reading your posts and the pup dates. Thank you for raising such good “puppies “”

Aren’t they beautiful?!❤️

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