Things don’t always go as planned

As I suspected (and posted about on Facebook) Joy starting getting more and more restless as Monday progressed. I replaced her bed with layers of newspaper so she could dig, shred and prepare her “nest”.

Of course, I always hope it will be a daytime delivery. But dogs usually like to delivery in the most inopportune times; holidays, weekends or during the night.

She got more restless as the evening and night advanced. She didn’t appear to be having any heavy contractions that I could visibly see although it was obvious her labor was intensifying.

The night wore on and still no puppies.

I checked her and could feel a puppy in the birth canal. By now it was close to midnight.

I let her outside several times to potty and walk around as she needed hoping it would help move the pup along. And it did.

But at this point you start to question things (isn’t the dark of night perfect for doubt and worry)?  Of course, I wanted to do the best thing for Joy, but the last thing I wanted was an hour-plus trip to the vet in the dead of night and to have to call my vet and wake her up! Plus that would likely end up with a C-section for Joy.

So I prayed and prayed that God would turn that little pup and push it along into the world. And I did what I could to help it along with mom pushing. And finally it made its appearance! It took some suctioning and rubbing to turn its little purplish muzzle into a better color. I think it was just so big, it was having trouble moving along the birth canal.

Finally, I thought I can lay down a catch a wink or two. There can be anywhere from minutes to hours between puppies. I was so tired. I was on the couch right next to her crate and I knew that the cries of a new pup would wake me from my light slumber.

The night wore on as did the delivery process. Unfortunately there were complications with the next two pups and they did not make it.

So I’m sorry to announce that we only have one new male Cavalier puppy.(I know some of you were hoping for a puppy). And I must admit I’m a bit disappointed because I “ordered” girls. BUT  I am thankful for him. (In fact, all three puppies were boys.) And that mom had a safe, successful delivery and is settling in with her new son.

Isn’t he precious💙

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8 Responses to Things don’t always go as planned

  1. Vicki says:

    Sorry Joy had a tough time, but she and you can spoil and love on her sweet puppy

  2. Barb Lorek says:

    So sorry Joy had a rough go but a perfect boy. Glad she is ok.❤️🐶

  3. Diana Vigneau says:

    He is really beautiful. Kisses to Joy, the poor little thing. But Mr Pup gets Mom all to himself.

  4. Patricia Pugsley says:

    He is such a beautiful puppy. Best wishes to all.

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