They’re here!

Well, our first litter of Cavapoos for 2023 has safely arrived! Mama Sasha is an excellent and efficient whelper and mother extraordinaire to be sure! I barely had to do anything but watch and do a little suctioning and drying off. Of course I snagged each one to weigh them, put an identifying ribbon on and give them some newborn supplements to give them a good start.

Look at how strong this little one is right after birth trying to walk around already!

Just saying “HI!”

The incubator comes in handy between pups or when it’s time to clean up the “delivery room” and change the bedding.

And what did we get! Well, we got a basketball team! Five strong, vigorous boys! It must be something in the water. *wink* It’s a good thing I like boys. I hope everyone else does too. 💙

So if you are officially on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in possibly getting matched with one of these handsome fellas please shoot me an email. You must be available by phone on Sunday, February 19th (or if you end up one of the first or second people on the list I will start reaching out that Friday afternoon) and be able to meet in Spokane on Sunday, March 12th to pick up your puppy.

If we don’t have enough people from the Cavapoo waiting list reach out with interest in this litter, then we may be accepting more applications to match these guys. But we won’t know that until right before puppy matching. If you’re not on our Cavapoo waiting list and possibly interested, please follow this blog so you don’t miss any news!



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  1. Vicki says:

    Congratulations on the first 2023 Cavapoo puppies. 🎉

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