Joy in the journey

Our little Joy puppy is two weeks old today. He is 1# 2 oz. He quietly let me trim his teeny, tiny toenails today. His sparkly baby eyes are open which makes him look even more adorable.

He is a little snuggler too. Some puppies, wiggle and cry when you pick them up, but he just snuggles quietly. But he’s not very quiet if he can’t find mom in the crate! He noisily crawls around trying to find her.

And he has a name. It popped in my head not long after he was born. And not long after the fancy registered name emerged in my mind, “Pinewoods Joy In The Journey” and we’ll call him Journey. Because being a dog breeder isn’t always easy or fun. Sometimes it’s difficult, sad, upsetting, but there are little bright spots and happy moments in this journey. And it seems kind of fitting that his mom’s name is part of his since he is her last puppy.

I love his beautifully colored coat also ❤️


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  1. love this! He’s beautiful!

  2. says:

    This is so sweet…

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