One week difference

It’s amazing how much puppies will change within a weeks time. The first couple of weeks of a puppy’s life they are sleeping and eating. Mom takes care of potty duty.

Around two weeks of age is when their eyes and ears open. Life changes as they can now see and hear things around them. They are crawling to mom, or crawling to pile on top of each other or to spread out if they’re too warm.

By three weeks they are starting to interact more with people and each other. They toddle on unsteady legs, chew on each other’s muzzles or interact with mom more.

Just look at these guys! You can see the difference one week makes between Journey and his one week younger “cousins”. He’s steadier, more interested in his surroundings and more alert.

When they all get a bit older, the week age gap won’t make as much of a difference and they’ll be able to play and interact together.

It’s so fun to watch them all grow and develop!


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  1. Vicki says:

    I am happy Journey will have some puppies to play with. 🐶

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