A boo-boo

Puppies aren’t the only thing around here that need my care. Almost two weeks ago, Cajsa got a boo-boo!

(Skip this post if pictures and gross descriptions make you queasy).

Now, how she got it is anybody’s guess. And she’s not telling so I’ll just guess that it was a puncture or bite wound of some sort that got infected.

One morning after her running around doing chores with me, I happened to look straight at her and noticed one side of her lower jaw was swollen. She has quite a thick coat, but it was definitely bigger on that side of her head than the other. She was definitely lopsided!

I went in for a closer look and saw that she had a huge swelling in the area. I could put my whole hand and fingers over it. It definitely looked like an access brewing.

Hindsight is great too. The night before I had noticed a blob of blood (not bright red though) on the porch by the door mat. I thought, “hmm…what is that from?” I had also noticed the hair on her neck/jaw area was wet looking earlier in the day. But honestly didn’t think anything of it at the time because when Cajsa drinks she sometimes dips half her head into the bucket! Of course after discovering the abcess the next morning, the wet coat and blood drop now made sense!

I called my vet as soon as I got in the house to see if they were able to get her in. I knew she would possibly need it drained or at least get started on some antibiotics. Thankfully they could fit her in later that day.

Before we headed to the vet I went ahead and shaved the area so I could get a better look at it. Then I put some warm compresses on it. It looked quite painful. Although Cajsa hadn’t been acting any different and was eating and drinking fine. Dogs sure have a high pain threshold!

I covered the picture up because it’s quite red and nasty looking.

Later that day at our appointment, the doctor tried in a couple places to aspirate it. But instead of a big pus pocket like we suspected, just a bit of bloody discharge was drawn out into the syringe.

So she sent Cajsa home with two antibiotics and some anti-inflammatory hoping that would knock it out. Of course, I was I was to bring her back  if it looked worse or like it was coming to a head.

Thankfully, the medications did the trick.

Still very swollen but not near as red and angry looking. This was after about 2 1/2 days of the medication.

And about three days later and with just a couple doses left. Thankfully, the medication cleared it up without any other procedures.

The scabs are almost gone and now we just wait for her hair to grow back in!

So thankful for our vets and staff that work hard to get our dogs and puppies the best care! <3



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  1. Peggy Holmaas says:

    So happy she is ok. My heart has a hard time dealing with animals being hurt or in pain.

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