Applications for boys

The applications are up and open on the website for Sasha’s red F1 Cavapoo boys. This is not a general opening of the waiting list. This is only for those wanting to apply for one of our current boy puppies. The applications, there are two (please see the links below) need to be filled out consecutively. Adding your name to one of the answer spaces on Part 2 is also super helpful.

Applications will close at noon (Pacific Time) next Friday, February 17th and then we’ll start matching puppies Friday afternoon (if possible) through Sunday.

Puppies will be going home on Sunday, March 12th so you need to be available to pick up your puppy in Spokane that day (not your mother, your brother or your nanny). There is a lot of information to go over with new owners and I like you to be there to take it all in and answer questions for you if you have any.

For those of you that are new to us, our Cavapoo puppies are $2700. Should you be matched with one, the $500 deposit is required (by check) within five days of matching to hold that puppy for you. The balance of $2200 is due by February 28th (you are welcome to send the deposit and balance in the same check). Additional costs (if needed) are $60 for a microchip and $60 for a health certificate should you be out of state (required). We will also allow the balance to be brought in cash at pick-up.

Before puppies go home they are introduced to crate training and are using a litter box. If they weather warms up a bit and we start to see the ground again we will start working on taking them outside to potty also. Currently the ground is covered in hard crusty snow and ice. We introduce them to a lot of sights, sounds and textures during their first eight-ish weeks of life, introduce them to the clicker (for future clicker training), give them some simple puppy challenges to help them cope with bigger challenges later in life, give them one-on-one time so they can cope with the weaning process a little easier and give them lots of play time and love. They come pre-spoiled. 😉

They will be de-wormed, have a stool sample checked by our vet, have a thorough vet exam and have their first puppy vaccination. They will go home with all the necessary puppy paperwork, health record, handy training instructions, a home-made baby blanket (so they have something familiar smelling from home) a couple toys and some of their puppy food. (They will be eating Fromm Classic Puppy Food).

For those interested and applying, I will be posting more pictures and videos between now and our matching day so you can see the boys and start picking out a favorite or two. Please make sure you’re following the blog here to keep up on things and follow our Facebook page if you’re on Facebook

And also “like” and subscribe to our YouTube so you can see all the videos of the puppies.

Also we do weekly pictures of the litter and post them in their litter album here.

Thanks for your interest in our Pinewood puppies. We think they’re super special too! If you have any questions you can email me at (instead of asking questions on this post or the Facebook page). Or my phone number is 509-675-4887. (Please no Friday night or Saturday calls though).

Adoption Form-part 1

Adoption Form-part 2


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