We’ll just stay inside for now

Yesterday I looked out in the back yard and saw actual “ground” under the pine tree. Not snow, not ice, but ground and lots of pine needles and (unfortunately) frozen dog poop from the winter’s deposits. So I mentally put on my “to-do” list to pick up poop and rake the pine needles so I could set up an exercise pen outside for the puppies. It seemed like it would be a good time to start introducing them to the outdoors.

Then after morning and noon puppy chores, pictures, emails, etc, I hopped in the truck and headed to town for some shopping. I was getting low on dog food and that’s something I don’t like to get to low on around here πŸ˜‰ and I needed a few groceries. Thankfully, my dog food was on sale at our local feed store, so I loaded the truck up!

On the way in, it started raining a bit. And after arriving in town, the rain turned to snow. I stopped at one store for a bit of groceries and when I came out less than an hour later, my truck was covered in snow! Ugh

Nevertheless, shopping continued because when you live almost an hour from town and only go in once a week or sometimes only a couple times a month, you get your errands done while you’re there no matter what the weather!

But by the time I finished up and headed home it was storming pretty good. The temps had been around 40 when I left home but by the time I reached home (around 7 pm) I think it was close to freezing plus the wind was blowing. But I’m glad I went yesterday because from what I’ve heard the roads are icy today.

There’s my tree where I was going to set up an area for the puppies. No more pine needles visible. So we’ll just play inside!


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4 Responses to We’ll just stay inside for now

  1. Patti says:

    Thank you for the smiles on my face after seeing your adorable little onesπŸ₯°

  2. Vicki says:

    Yes, brutal cold today after ice/snow last night, tomorrow forecast is temps in singke digits, add a little wind. Yikes. Stay safe

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