The sun is shining

When I look outside it looks like a warm spring day! The sun is bright in the blue, blue sky and I want to go out and soak it up. But these sunny winter days can be deceiving. It’s colder than it has been. The temp this morning when I did chores was only 5° though.

Thankfully the animals are all cozy and warm, except for the crazy Bulgarian Livestock Dog who won’t come inside! Silly Zuma. She and Ben love the cold weather. Although because of Ben’s age and arthritic joints, I make him come in and rest more often than not. And the horses get extra to eat. The food they eat generates heat to keep them warm. Plus they’ve been getting a warm mash twice a day.

And the puppies have plenty of room and toys to keep them occupied! The tunnel is always a hit and they love climbing all over the mini piano and making the keys “play” music. 😉


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