An outdoor adventure

We still have snow and it’s still cold, but yesterday the temperature rose to 40 and the sun came out! Yippee! That was my sign to take the pups outside, even if it was for only a little bit. There was a breeze so I was too cold to stand out there long.

Once the pups stepped out of the basket that I transported them in, it was every man for himself and they spread out exploring. Cajsa was in the back yard with them and Cody and Zuma came to the fence so having the big dogs there was a big hit. The puppies thought their new friends were great!

And they had no issues with the wet, cold snow either. They started exploring and just plain enjoying themselves and the great outdoors!

Cajsa is so patient with puppies as they grab her tail and jump at her face. She’s the perfect first big dog introduction for puppies. ❤️


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2 Responses to An outdoor adventure

  1. Ramona Mills says:

    These pics of the puppies are ridiculously darling!!
    We can’t wait to get on your puppy waiting list when you open it up.

    Ramona Mills

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