My printer ran out of ink

What can I say? Looks like the printer ran out of ink!

Yep, Indy had her babies! And we got quite a colorful bunch. And apparently January was the month of boys and March is the month of girls, because Indy had five girls! We have two black and white, one merle phantom parti (phantom means she’s got tan points like check patches), a Blenheim and a cream parti (she might look all white in the picture but she has cream spots).

Sunday had been memorable in highs and lows and I was exhausted by the end of it. Hubby had been watching her and she was quiet while I was busy with other things.  Her temperature had dropped that morning which usually means puppies within eight to twelve hours. I prayed she would wait until morning. Thankfully my prayers were answered and we were both able to get some rest Sunday night.

I got up Monday and she was still quiet. Off I went to do my morning chores and take care of all the critters, then came back inside. She was a little fussy but still pretty stoic.

Just before nine, she got a bit restless. I decided to switch out her bed for some newspaper as most dogs love to dig, shred and make a nest for their approaching litter. I gathered some paper and was laying it out so I could quickly make the switch when I removed her bed, when I stopped to study her for a second and noticed she was quietly pushing through some contractions. And in just a minute the first (and biggest) pup was delivered, backwards. I can’t tell you how many first born pups it seems are big and breech!

Two more quickly followed. In fact, number two was still attached, as its placenta had not passed yet, when Indy started pushing again. I was thinking, “maybe she’s pushing out the placenta” when out popped the third pup! So then it was a scramble to get the cord cut and clamped on the second and get the third out of the sac and suctioned.

She settled right in cleaning and nuzzling the pups. I thought she had to be done, so I let her out to potty and quickly gave her a new clean bed. She is such a small dog and her tummy was hardly protruding that I thought three was all she could fit.

But apparently she’s good at puzzles and packing five puppies into that small tummy and up under her ribs! Because within an hour she pushed out the final two pups.

She’s being a wonderful little first-time mom, very attentive and providing rich, nourishing milk from the start. Some pups (like newborn babies) will lose a bit of weight after birth before starting to gain. But not these pups! They have gained from the start and are already filling out and a bit chubby. They ranged anywhere from 4.5-7.9 ounces at birth. I didn’t expect large babies with mom and dad being on the smaller stature so those weight seemed in the range that I expected.

Again these are F1b Cavapoo as Indy is a Cavapoo and Bonus is a mini Poodle so we will have a variety of coats within the litter from curly to various degrees of wavy. It might be a while before we can tell more of what their coats will be like.

But if you are on our waiting list and interested in this litter please email me and I will add you to the litter list for matching. Puppy Matching day will be Sunday, April 30th and Puppy Delivery day will be Sunday, May 21st. If we don’t get enough interest in this litter from those on our Cavapoo waiting list then we will reopen our list and take new applications. 

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6 Responses to My printer ran out of ink

  1. Vicki says:

    Congratulations Indy and Jennifer. Cannot wait to see what you name this litter. You are always so clever. I think โ€œOmbreโ€ because of their colors.

  2. Pam Hartsoch says:

    They’re sooooo cute! Would love to be on your wait list (it looks like you’re doing them again) for a brown litter (hoping, still, for a girl). I feel like these current pups will look too much like our sweet Nani who we lost in June, so I’m looking for a totally different look. My 8-year old granddaughter has already named her–Noodles ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Katharine Harding says:

    Even though our family is complete with the brothers Toby & Shadow, we will still read every one of your posts because you have such a good sense of humor. The printer being out of ink & mama being good at puzzles are such good examples. I look forward to what you write daily. Thank you for this & of course for the gorgeous puppies.

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