Munch! Chomp! Chew!

I’m sure all new puppy owners are going through the same thing I am with Journey.

Chewing. (How could that innocent face get into any trouble?) 😉

He chews on everything! I should say, (it seems) like everything. He has toys, and appropriate things to chew on, but it’s more fun to chew on things he shouldn’t.

If I forget to plug my computer cord in it’s fair game.

If I hang my coat too low on the chair, it’s fair game.

Whenever may hand gets near him or I pick him up to pet him, he thinks my fingers and hand are chew toys.

chewing on a piece of the box….

I finally had to put the computer paper box up on a chair. I tried moving it from its normal location to a spot under my desk but he just moved under the desk to chew on it. So now it’s on a chair.

If Hope happens to be in his reach and gets his attention, he chews on her ears. I did end up grooming her short so there isn’t much hair to grab now.

If he’s lounging under the table then he’ll reach over and start chewing on a table leg or chair leg.

Oh, the joys of puppyhood!

So what do you do with a baby piranha or the little shark you have living at home?

Make sure you have lots of appropriate toys and chews for them to chew on. And you’re going to be doing a lot of redirecting with those toys when you see puppy start to chew on something not appropriate. And pick up and move what you can.

Yes, that’s a carrot he’s chewing on. Frozen veggies are great chew toys for teething puppies!

The computer cord is up on a chair and plugged into my computer so it’s not within reach. My jacket has been moved up higher on the chair or in another room. The computer box is not within reach, etc. Don’t leave anything down at puppy’s level that you don’t want him to chew on. Watch for small toys, shoes, socks, etc. It’s our job to keep our puppy safe.

But if you can’t watch your puppy or he’s just getting too “mouthy” and can’t keep his little chompers off the kids’ hands or shoes/pant legs etc, then it may be time for puppy to go in his play pen with some of his own chew toys for a bit.

You’re going to be doing a supervising, keeping puppy busy and redirecting as he goes through this mouthy stage and while he’s growing and teething. And how long will that last? Well, he won’t have all of his adult teeth in until around six months of age. So hang in there!

He’s perfect when he’s asleep. 😉

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