Saturday snapshots

It was a weird (or maybe typical) spring day in the Pacific Northwest. We had overcast skies, rain, snow, hail, wind and sunshine all in one day!

“Let us back in!”

My personal mop

Joy-Joys favorite spot

Gray horses are always so pretty and clean….not! 🤦‍♀️

Mr Ed waiting for his breakfast

My chore helpers

Thanks, girls!

“Hey, did you bring treats?!”

Yippee! My garlic is coming up!

When mom doesn’t keep me brushed, I get a short haircut at the groomer. But mom thinks I look adorable anyways. 😉

Mr Cuteness

Journey went to church again. He sure enjoys all the love from the kiddos.

Lunch at the in-laws and Sally is always there too.

And our littlest canines

Look who’s eyes are opening!

There’s our blue sky and sun finally appearing at the end of the day!

So thankful for my day off from the rat race of the world❤️

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