Pupdate! I

So nice to hear again from Presley’s new mom and how he is doing! If you don’t remember Presley was our big black and tan Cavalier puppy that I was hoping to keep from Glory, but alas he thinks he’s a Rottweiler…heehee. He is huge!

“Presley is learned how to sit and wait until till he is told to eat and go outside. Still has to learn to come better. His puppy brain makes him not listen,…Most of the time he does listen. The cuddle times with him is so warm and snuggly. He loves to be loved. Lizzy 8 yrs old his aunt loves to play with him. They box with each other and roll on the floor. When outside they run around together. It is good to see Lizzy so full of life again after she lost her brother Quigley.”

Presley and his still favorite toy. 9 months old❤️

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