Aww….another pupdate! This was actually sent to me in December, but it must’ve gone to my spam folder. Thankfully the owners resent it!

And there Cavapoos is so smart, her wrote the update himself! 😉 heehee

Here is a pupdate from Teddy 😊
Hi Jennifer! I can’t believe my 3rd birthday is this week! Time is flying by. I love my Colorado family and my Havanese older brother Oscar. He is 12 now, but I keep him young by playing with him. My favorite game is “Stalk Oscar” where I sneak up really slow and pounce on him at the last second, even though he knows I’m coming! It makes the whole family laugh and Oscar doesn’t mind too much. He is my best friend, although he can’t do a lot of things I can because he is old and has short legs. But he has taught me a lot too, like how to ring the bell to go outside, which family member to beg for food or bones because they’ll cave, and he makes sure our food and water bowls are always filled. If they are empty, Oscar bangs them around until one of the humans takes care of us. My parents say I have the most personality of any dog they have ever seen. Here is a list of the funny things I do:
  • Watch TV and bark at any animals that try to get into the house THROUGH the TV – I am extra vigilant when it comes to dogs and horses, and am shocked that Oscar has never noticed them on TV before! When I jump at the TV to tell the animals to leave, Oscar starts barking at the door
  • Sit at the table like a human – when the family eats together, I help myself to my own seat at the table and sit patiently so someday maybe they’ll give me a plate too
  • Hold conversations for bones – I know which family members to continuously tap with my paw to first get their attention, and then have a low, whining conversation to convince them it’s in their best interest to get a bone for me. It can’t be too loud or obnoxious – it has to be just the right pitch so they think it’s funny, but consistent enough so I eventually get a bone. It never works on my mom, but I have everyone else trained pretty well
  • Think I’m a lap dog – my mom’s lap is my favorite. She barely has a chance to sit down with her coffee in the morning before I am weighting her down and trying to make myself as small as possible. It is my favorite time of day!
  • Follow directions – I am the BEST at “go to bed,” “sit/stay,” “touch,” and “leave it” but not so good at “quiet” or keeping all 4 paws on the floor – that last one is the hardest and no one but my mom really seems to mind when I jump on them
  • Wear clothes – I LOVE wearing sweaters and costumes! I don’t understand why Oscar runs & hides when the humans try to put something on him. I can’t get my sweater on fast enough!
  • Give hugs – I lean my whole body into one of the humans and put my neck on their shoulder. Everybody loves my hugs!

Life has been good and I am very grateful to have a family who loves me so much!

Teddy was Cheddar from our cheese litter 🙂 Parents; Treasure and Clancy <3

Baby pic❤️

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  1. Katharine Harding says:

    Fun to read that Teddy & his brother, Toby ( blue cheese) do the same “paw tap” & quiet “asking.”
    Toby’s talking tones change & amuse us very much.
    What sweet, lovable brothers!

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