Since we are starting to match Indy’s girls tomorrow I thought I would try to share some of the differences and information about each girl the best that I can. We’re just starting to see their little personalities emerge and they will continue to do so. So this will just be a little evaluation of what I’m seeing at this age. Things can change and develop. We’ve already seen Tinkerbell going from this quiet little mite sitting in the corner of the pen to a rambunctious, playful pup just within a week’s time. It’s so fun to watch them grow and develop!

With respect to personality/temperament I would say presently Moana is our most adventurous, outgoing, fun-loving pup. I think Jasmine would be next in line. Ariel is probably middle of the pack and Tinkerbell and Snow White have been our more reserved, chill pups (but as I said, you can see the confidence and personality exploding). By eight weeks you won’t see a lot of differences, likely.

As for coats, normally within an F1b litter we see some with a curlier Poodle-type coats and some with the wave like an F1 Cavapoo. (For those not familiar, an F1 Cavapoo has a purebred Poodle parent and a purebred Cavalier parent. And F1b litter has an F1 Cavapoo parent and a Poodle parent.) In this litter, Tinkerbell and Snow White are our curly girls, Ariel and Jasmine are wavy. Moana sits in the middle, sort of. I want to call her curly, but I think she’s just a hair (no pun intended) below the curls of Tinkerbell and Snow White, but definitely more wave/curl than Ariel and Jasmine.

And then concerning adult sizes with these girls, Jasmine (3# @ 5 weeks) is definitely our biggest-boned, biggest built girl and I would guess will mature around 20-ish lbs. Please take these “estimate” as just educated guesses on adult weight. Both parents are small, but those sneaky Poodle genes sometimes surprise us and we end up with a different size dog than expected. But overall, I think that most of the litter will be on the average or smaller than average size (average being 15-20 lbs). Moana (2# 2 oz @ 5 weeks) and Tinkerbell (2# 8 oz @ 5 weeks) are both more petite build, smaller bone, smaller head and I’m guessing will stay smaller, probably in the 12-15 lb range. Ariel (2# 9 oz @ 5 weeks) and Snow White (2# 10 oz @ 5 weeks) are our mid-range girls and I would guess will end up in the 15-18 lb range.

What are you guys doing sleeping in the bathroom? 😂

That’s what the bathroom is for!Just a note about the plastic bag. It’s a thick, crinkly plastic and I used it as an enrichment/introductory object. It does have air holes in it and they only played with it while I watched. I explain this because plastic bags can be dangerous. If your dog or puppy can access your garbage somehow please cut the end of the bag open before disposing of it. Bags like produce bags, chip bags, cereal and cracker bags that are inside boxes. Unfortunately dogs have suffocated and died when they have stuck their heads inside to get at the crumbs and not been able to get out.

But all of them are adorable, happy, and fun! You couldn’t go wrong if you pick any one of them in my opinion. 😉

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