Back and forth

Yesterday was long, with a lot of running around and miles put in.

I had a vet appointment in the morning and another in the afternoon. As most of you know, our vet is over an hour drive away and 100+ mile round trip.

I had Zuma (our Karakachan, Livestock Guardian Dog) scheduled to be spayed. With little dogs, like Cavapoos, the latest research suggests spaying or neutering at about a year when the dog is full grown. (Most vet suggests around six months because they are worried about pet over population and unwanted pregnancies). But dogs need those hormones for proper growth and development. And since large breeds mature at a slower rate, the norm is waiting until they are at least two years old to be altered.

Zuma turns two in July, but we have some stuff going on and I wanted to make sure she was done before she came in season again. With a fencing-climbing male Poodle (Sundae) I didn’t want any surprised Karaka-doodles being made during our busy summer schedule! heehee

I fell asleep Monday night and totally forgot to set my alarm so I could get up early enough to get everything done and make the drive to the vet. But I woke up with a start early Tuesday morning and was up and running as soon as my feet hit the floor.

I got most of my chores done (sorry, chickens that your breakfast was late) and Zuma loaded into the truck. And off we went!

I got Zuma checked in and hopped back in the truck and zoomed back home to finish chores and get more work done.

The afternoon appointment was scheduled about the time I could pick-up Zuma. I try to do several appointments in one day because of the drive. So I had scheduled Sky for her annual exam. Then at the last minute decided I had time to sign Shiloh up for the next obedience class. (BTW, Cody and Poppy both completed their class and received their certificate of completion for basic obedience. The CGC test comes later this summer.) Shiloh would need her rabies vaccine before class so I asked when I dropped Zuma off if I could swap out Sky for Shiloh in the afternoon appointment. Thankfully, they had time for both!

And since I like to take pretty, clean dogs to the vet if at all possible, one of my chores that morning was to brush both girls and give them a bath. Thankfully, Sky had recently been to the groomer so her bath didn’t take long at all. Shiloh had so much hair that I had to clip out a few mats first. (Bad mom for not brushing her as much as I should…).

Thankfully hubby was home to help take care of puppies as I ran around trying to get things done and rush off to the vet again with the girls.

Thankfully it was another gorgeous day for a drive!

That’s not a nice attitude to have at the doctor’s, Shiloh ๐Ÿ˜‰

Waiting for the doctor

All checked over and good to go! They passed their thorough physicals. But she did find a slight ear infection in one of Shiloh’s ears and a bit more teeth brushing and scaling I need to do on Sky’s teeth and gums). They were good girls!

Just hangin out on the table waiting for ear meds.

And with all the girls done and loaded in the truck we headed for home to hang out with the puppies some more. โค๏ธ


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  1. Ramona Mills says:

    I became exhausted just reading your post. ๐Ÿซ 
    You are amazing!!!๐Ÿ˜‰

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