Dogs of Italy

One thing I noticed on our trip to Italy is there are dogs everywhere you go. It’s great! They’re all very well mannered and obviously well socialized. They go everywhere with their owners; walking the streets, visiting stores and restaurants, riding on the buses and sometimes walking alone or hanging out near a shop door.

There were a lot of purebred dogs (mostly small breeds) but there were equal amount of mixed breed dogs too. (And a handful of cats).

Here are several that I spotted during out visit. The pictures are always the best, because I was trying to snap a picture as we walked and not be too obvious about it. 😉 And some of the pictures you’ll have to search a bit to find the dog. It was fun being on the lookout for all the canines while we were there.

Found a friend on a hike to a castle

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  1. Katharine Harding says:

    Fun to look for the Italian dogs in each photo! All sweet and seem happy in their surroundings— but as we often say “not one as cute as ours!”

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