You know I had to do it

Three weeks of age is when I start doing individual pictures of our puppies. And it’s when we give them names and introduce those to you. And since Poppy’s puppies just missed Independence Day, you know I had to have a patriotic theme. 😉

“Stars”~blenheim male (green collar)

2# 6 oz @ 3 weeks

“Independence”~blenheim female (purple collar)

2# 4 oz @ 3 weeks

“America”~dark Apricot female (orange collar)

2# 7 oz @ 3 weeks

“Freedom”~blenheim female (pink collar)

2# 4 oz @ 3 weeks

“Stripes”~blenheim male (red collar)

2# 6 oz @ 3 weeks

All the pups are doing amazing! They were actually using the potty pads in their puppy pen so I went ahead and gave them their first official litter box, the UGOdog. This is a commercial litter box system that I just use around the 3-4 1/2 week old stage before I switch them to our regular litter box which they’ll use until they go home. The UGOdog  is about the same level as their bed, so it’s easy for them to toddle off their bed onto the litter box.

They had their teeny toenails trimmed again and collars checked and adjusted as needed. They’re all so sweet and don’t mind the toenail trims or when I smooch on their cute faces.


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