Cody the Aussie

Someone asked me if I could do some “feature” blogs about our big dogs. So I thought I’d start with Cody.

Cody isn’t really a “big” dog, but he runs with the big dogs, and he thinks he’s a big dog. Cody is a purebred miniature (ASDR registered) Australian Shepherd. He is a blue-eyed tricolor which is kind of unique in itself. His eyes are a light, piercing blue color and seem to stare right into your soul.

You can see by his puppy picture why I fell for him.

My plan for him was to bred him to Oakley and eventually Quinn to produce more Aussies for our Aussalier program. He did end up bigger than a toy (like Oakley) and a bit bigger than Quinn who is probably in between toy and mini size. I had already gotten his OFA exams and genetic testing done. But as most of you know, we decided to discontinue breeding Aussaliers as we just weren’t getting enough interest and inquiries to warrant breeding another litter. Therefore, I didn’t need to produce any more purebred Australian Shepherds either.

So Cody became a farm dog. He loves his “job” which consists of nosing around the yard with the other “big” dogs, sticking close to me when I’m doing chores although instead of heeling at my left like an obedient dog, he walks in front of me spinning circles. It’s a herding dog thing, trust me. Oh, and his favorite activity is to run along the horse fence if the horses are close to it and bark at them.

So you can see why he is so important on the farm….just kidding. I’ve actually thought about finding someone that can hone his herding skills and maybe put him to use if my chickens ever escape.

So that is how Cody became the little, big, farm dog!💙

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  1. Christina says:

    I love this picture you captured of him!!! 😍

  2. Kathleen K says:

    I love your posts and all the fantastic pictures of your dogs!

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