And that was just the morning

Poppy puppies are keeping me extra busy! The older puppies get the more there is to do to keep up with them and their socializing and training.

This morning they had breakfast in two crates. First they start out all together in one, then we split them into two groups and finally each in their own crate before they go home. They have a crate with a bed or blanket in the puppy pen that they are sleeping in also; all part of getting them used to a crate.

After breakfast they went back to their puppy pen for a bit while I was busy a few things. Then I loaded them in the basket aka puppy carrier and lugged them downstairs and out to the garden play area.

They played while I watered, fed the horses and tended to the chickens and finished chores outside.

(excuse the ugly, dead, brown grass…we don’t have a good enough well to water lawns)

Poppy joined them for a while and they enjoyed romping around with mom.

They stayed outside for about an hour and a half, before I loaded them back in the puppy basket and grabbed my wagon for easier transport. That wagon sure saves my back from lugging around heavy, wiggly puppies! Of course, I still have to carry the basket upstairs to the puppy room.

I had a nice bigger play area set up with three big litter boxes, access to their puppy pen and crate and another crate set up with a bed should they want to nap.

Looks like their playtime outside was “successful” because they didn’t play much before they all conked out for naps.

And that was just our morning!


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