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In the spring our local obedience trainer offers basic obedience classes to prepare dogs and owners for the CGC test. (Canine Good Citizenship certificate) Here is a link from AKC that describes more about it if you need information.

I usually take one or two dogs through class in the spring. Unfortunately, I was not able to take them back for the testing as we had a scheduling conflict.

This fall she had offered a Community CGC class and testing. This is an advanced class where we are doing more work out and about in the community so there are more distractions and challenges.

Now to decide who to take to class. It had to be a dog that had gone through class and passed the CGC testing. It wasn’t hard to decide. I knew Cajsa would be happy to go and do anything with me.

The last Community CGC class that I took years ago was with Dickens, our Cavalier. So it was time for one of the big dogs to go.

We met at a local nursing, rehab facility and first practiced some basics out on the lawn.

Then we went inside to sign up and show the admins proof of vaccinations on our dogs.

It’s funny how this class consisted of all big dogs. And four our of the six were German Shepherds and all were different colors; an all white, a lighter black and tan, a darker black and tan and an almost black, bi-color. And the other two breeds; a silly lab puppy and a sweet Aussie, both are named River.

We worked on different basic obedience class throughout the building, letting residents pet the dogs when they walked by, practicing “leave it” with different distractions, laying quietly by our feet as we sat in the chairs in the dining room, passing by wheelchairs, cleaning carts, food carts and walkers in a calm manner. The dogs did great!

After class Cajsa and I went to our local North 4o (like Big R, Tractor Supply, etc) and wandering around. Thought we’d check out the boot supply since mine are getting quite worn out.

Can’t wait for next week’s class!

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