What will St Nick bring?

I’m excited to announce that we did an ultrasound on Winter (a Cavapoo) and she is definitely expecting babies! This will be here first litter so I’m so excited to see what she will produce. And the proud papa is our handsome Bonus (a mini Poodle). This is an F1b Cavapoo litter. Which means about one third of the litter will likely have the curlier Poodle coat and two thirds will have some sort of wavy coat and look like an F1 Cavapoo. (At least this what we normally get within any F1b Cavapoo litter).

And since mom and dad are both “parti” meaning white body with colored spots the pups will all be parti also. They could be blenheim (white with apricot/reddish spots), black and white or tricolor like dad.

I can’t wait to see what St Nick brings since they are due around Christmastime!

We won’t start a litter list and take names from people on our Cavapoo waiting list who are interested in this litter, until after they are born. That way we know what we have in colors and genders and dates for matching and going home.

Both Winter and Bonus are smaller, compact dogs (13″/14 lbs and 12.5″/13.5 lbs) I would expect these pups to be in that size range as adults. But there is never a guarantee on size and sometimes those leggy Poodle genes show up and someone grows a bit bigger than the parent dogs.❤️

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4 Responses to What will St Nick bring?

  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    They are both beautiful. Just love Winter.

  2. Zaya says:

    So exciting!

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