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What did we get?

I like to wait a few days before giving details on a new litter. We always want to make sure mom and puppies are doing well. Thankfully, little Miss Lucy and her crew have settled in nicely to their new … Continue reading

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What’s coming up?

I get lots of questions, but the main two are; ……When will the waiting list be reopening again? ……When is the next litter of Cavapoos coming? Well, as for the first question, I really don’t know when the list will … Continue reading

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“Merry Christmas, Jennifer! I hope you and yours had a lovely holiday; it sure sounds like it was exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚ I canโ€™t believe Teddy is 5.5 years old already! Heโ€™s such a sweetheart (snuggled up on my lap right now) … Continue reading

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Bigger and better

In the puppy room upstairs we have four big playpens. Usually when I move a litter up there to a bigger pen (from the small one they’ve been in downstairs) I just use the first one closest to the stairs. … Continue reading

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Moving up

Well, we got Sky and her babies moved upstairs to the puppy room and a bigger playpen a few days ago. They have settled in and are enjoying their new apartment. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now they can watch and visit with their … Continue reading

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Puppy fun

So much fun!

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More puppy details

Well, I have an updated list of everyone that has reached out and interested in Glory’s puppies that we’ll be matching on Sunday. We’ve had a couple remove themselves and a few more that got added on. This is the … Continue reading

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One by one

It a busy time for our five-week-olds and as I mentioned in a previous post it was almost time to move them. So move them we did. First we start with a spotlessly clean puppy pen. This is when they … Continue reading

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Five weeks old

Our fancy cars are starting to zoom around more! It’s time to move them upstairs where they’ll have more room to play and explore. But in the meantime here’s some five week old cuteness! Since the best way to take … Continue reading

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The play blanket

When the puppies are little and downstairs in the little puppy pen they play and explore in the living room. When they first venture out to do this I like to put a blanket down to give their little feet … Continue reading

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