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Who is Chloe?

I had a Chloe L. apply but only sent Part 2 application. Part 1 did not come through so I have no way of getting a hold of this person. So Chloe is you are reading this and your neighbor … Continue reading

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Play, crash


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Saturday fun!

The puppies get more and more playful as each day passes. Even little Virginia is getting bolder and more adventurous. It’s so much fun to watch each litter grow and develop their own little personalities. I hope those that are … Continue reading

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Town day

Wednesday was Joy’s puppies’ vet appointment before they head to their new homes. For those that are new to following us and our blog. Each litter that we raise goes to our vet for a thorough exam before they go … Continue reading

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Home Improvements

Okay, I don’t mean our home, I mean the dogs’ quarters. We have three big fenced-in yards for the dogs to play, exercise and potty in. Even though our property is seven acres, the dogs don’t get free-rein on all … Continue reading

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Mom is best

Weaning puppies is a process as they start eating puppy food, but continue to nurse. And as they get older, mom wants more breaks away from her pups. Although each mom is different in her “style” of weaning and nurturing. … Continue reading

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We’re still here

We’re still here. 😊Don’t worry we have a plan but I’m not evacuating a whole pack of dogs including four moms with babies unless I have to. It will be to disruptive. The fire did move closer to us yesterday … Continue reading

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We are safe

There are three fire raging around our little reservation town. We are several miles north of town but the closest to us was sure sharing some of it’s smoke over the mountain range behind us. It looked close enough and … Continue reading

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No power

Well, we currently have a storm blowing through. Praying that no trees come down near our house or the dog house. (It’s pretty windy) And there are no lightening strikes to start any fires. (It’s so dry right now!) Consequently … Continue reading

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Fall will be busy

Well, we have another confirmed pregnancy. Looks like fall will be busy! Oakley’s babies are leaving soon but Joy’s puppies will be getting busier and busier as they grow and develop. Next in line will be Hazel and Sage. And … Continue reading

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