Does that look appetizing to you?

The other day I was in the laundry room, down on the floor pulling laundry out of the washer and shoving it in the dryer. As I was working, I heard a noise behind me. It sounded like the dog chewing up something. I figured he had found a morsel of food on the floor and was “vacuuming ” for me 😉

I finished my task and turned around (as the chewing sound continued) to find not a dog eating a crumb off the floor, but a “weird” dog eating the horse’s food!

You see we have a thirty year old horse and her main food is alfalfa cubes soaked in hot water. So morning and evening I bring in her bucket of cubes, fill the bucket with water and set it on the floor to soak for the next meal.

Yeah, and you obviously know who found it. Silly dog.

I mean does that look appetizing to you?


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