“That’s not a dog table!”

I’m a dog person. My kids don’t understand me. I mean, my kids like dogs, but they’re not “dog people”. Dog people do things with their dogs that “normal” people don’t understand.

Last night it was time for Suzy’s beauty treatment. After much time and prayer, I think Suzy has finally found her forever home!

I got Suzy from a breeder over two years ago. She’s the prettiest little poodle. And I had high hopes for her to be a mom of some adorable Cavapoos. But alas, Suzy had other plans and has never gotten pregnant.

So back to my story. She had gotten her bath, toenails trimmed and all brushed out. She loved the brushing and loving!

I was only going to trim her feet and face so instead of going to the cold garage where my grooming table was, I decided to just use the coffee table. 😉
And that’s about the time my son got disgusted with me. “Mom, that’s not a dog table!” Kids 😛 *wink*

I didn’t make that big of a mess. And I cleaned it up. Some people will never understand me, family included.

And look how pretty she is!


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