Veterans Day Salute!

As some of you know I like to name my babies. That doesn’t mean those that are adopting have to keep that name either. It just makes it easier to identify the puppies in each new post or picture. If we have a litter of all the same color, we will use different colored ribbons to identify them when they are small. That way I can keep track of each pups weight and progress.

It’s so much fun to give them names. Usually I try to come up with a theme or ask you all for suggestions.

So since Jules “official” due day was supposed to be Veterans Day (even though they came earlier), I’ve decided to go with that theme and give a shout out to all our veterans!!

Ruby male-“Trooper”
Dark Red with a bit of white on his face and a patch on his chest. The biggest pup.

Blenheim male-“Ranger”

Ruby male-“Hero”
Red with a wide “half” blaze, plus white on his chin, throat & chest. The smallest pup.

Blenheim female-“Rosie” (the Riveter, of course)

Thanking God for this beautiful litter and to all our brave veterans, past and present!

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