Moving day

When our babies are around three weeks old, they are starting to move around more. And of course, have pretty much quadrupled their birth weight! So it’s time to move them from their cozy whelping crate to the puppy play pen. “Play pen” doesn’t seem like the appropriate term for such wee ones. But trust me it won’t be long before they will be playing and interacting more with each other and mom.

So yesterday was moving day for Jules and her litter. It’s a bit tricky in our small home to set up the puppy pen (especially around Christmas time when the youngest is ready to set up the Christmas tree in my normal “puppy” spot. πŸ˜‰

So these guys have moved from the living room to the dining room area. Our house is an open plan so all the moms are still technically in the same area.

They’re all set for now. Soon, I’ll introduce some small toys and a beginner litter box.


A bit blurry because everybody was moving. Everybody but, Ranger. Ranger was sawing logs. πŸ˜‰

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