A very important book


So this is how I keep track of things. That, and my computer where I have a waiting list with people’s names and a matching list once they’ve chosen their puppy.

This is the “work”book though. Each mom has her own section with her litter record; each puppy written down in the order they were born with their color, markings and gender. Attached to that is my notes I take during whelping, with the puppies again listed in order with their description and weight. Then all the daily weights in rows underneath.

In the pocket divider for each mom, I make up a health record for each pup. It’s handy in the pocket so each time I de-worm the pup, vaccinate it, take it to the vet or whatever is done, I can just fill in the health record.

In the front section of my binder are pockets where I store the filled out adoption forms.

And in another sleeve, a very special sleeve 😉 are the adoption forms and copies of deposits from those actually on the waiting list.

And that’s one way I try to keep puppy info organized!

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