It’s like Christmas!

First, I’ve got all these adorable puppies to play with. Plus they’re finding wonderful homes to go too.

And tomorrow, after waiting for over two months, I finally get to pick up this beautiful girl at the airport!

Reba sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to meet her in person.

And to top things off, I think I finally found my new male Poodle! I’ve been looking and looking trying to find the right guy. Taking into consideration health, temperament, size, color and something that doesn’t completely drain my bank account. 😉

Well, his owner took him to the vet today and here was her report:

“Eli checked out great at the vet, tight knees, good heartbeat, my vet gave him a very thorough exam and said everything looks and sounds great and got the health certificate.”

Wahoo! Now we just have to work out shipping. I’ll update more later.

Merry Christmas to me. 😉

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