Musical Puppies

No,  your puppy will not be taking music lessons before he or she comes home. I’m referring to the game, “Musical Chairs”. 😉

It gets that way at my house sometimes with all these puppies. First it was Jules and her litter. At about three weeks of age I moved them from the whelping crate to the small puppy pen. At that age they’re starting to crawl around more and need more space.

038 (2)

The next move saw these guys step up to the big puppy pen. 005

Notice the litter boxes right off the sleeping area so it makes it easy for them to get it right. I also have a partition so the puppies have to stay in that area, but mom can get away if she wants to.


Ivy and her babies then transitioned over to the small puppy pen. Once again, the litter box (a different kind) is stationed right at the edge of the sleeping area. And mom, can also get to the other half of the pen should she want some “mom” time. 😉



And Faith and her babies got moved to the big wire crate; more room and more “windows” to see what’s happening around them.


And now for round three! A few days ago, everyone got moved again. Since I only have to puppy play pens, the oldest litter (Jules’) moved into the Iris pen. Which seems to be fine with them! They have a big bed, two litter boxes, and room to run around. Since they now doing well using the litter box, I don’t partition off any of the pen. And I haven’t seen on accident on that linoleum! 🙂


So Ivy and her crew moved to the large puppy pen.


And Faith and her crew are now in the smaller puppy pen.


Whew! That ought to do it for a while.

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